Monday, March 4, 2013

Givenchy: Love You Riccardo

As you might know already I have some fashion heroes and one of them is Riccardo Tisci. The man can do no wrong in my eyes, well for the time being. His take on Givenchy is something out of this world. Not to compare him to the late Lee McQueen, the former creative director of Givenchy, but Tisci has created his own esthetic when it comes to the brand. In his last collection we see a compilation of his work and what he is known for. By the way how much do we love the Bambie as the opening shirt for the show!

 Now to what he does best, the graphics and the skirts. I will say this now, those graphic long sleeves shirts will be selling out at Bergdorf when Fall hits. But what was interesting about this show was the reference of the previous seasons. In fashion we usually see a reference to the archives, much like what Alexander Wang did this season for his first season a Balenciaga, designers usually go back to the heritage of the brand but not Tisci. He went back just a couple seasons with the return of the organza skirts hitting knee length and the sheer tops. The dresses were strong, the shoes were high and the girls looked like they were about to walk out of the Givenchy showroom. To sum it up all up the show felt very Tisci, it felt powerful for his esthetic. Even with his skipping of the couture show this season, this show felt original, it felt powerful, it feminine.There was no confusion this was a Givenchy show, giving the fashion editors and buyers a collection that not only will sell well but also will look incredible on their consumers.


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