Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome Back

I have taken a huge break from my blog and I will admit this is most of my fault but I’ve been busy with university and my friends are always very important to me. In the last couple of months I have really realized what I would like to do in the future in a career but this blog post won’t be about fashion or the latest trend or a campaign ad but more on a personal level. Usually I would not talk about a my personal  mess but I feel this is something better to get out through writing than just over thinking in life.

Breakups in 389 Words

This past weekend I went through a breakup and now that the storm has passed I have a clear mind on how irrational and unlike myself this situations brought me to. Most of my friends have gone through their share of heartbreaks and breakups which I usually confine them but this past weekend my perspective on how relationships work have really change. I’ve been the shoulder they needed to cry on and the number one person to say “fuck that, you are so much better”, “you deserve more”, “this is honestly his lost”; but now that I am on the receiving end all those classic saying mean nothing to me.

I’ve been in my share of relationships, and not having the best track record I am not the ideal relationship guy but this past relationship was different, very much different than my past ones. When we let our guards down and tear down the wall that we all try to build for a relationship that seems provident; we feel this is the right thing to do. But when things go sour we can’t help but put the blame on someone, at first you start to blame your partner but after the anger passes and the salvaging of the relationship is no longer an option you start on blaming yourself as you are the one who let yourself get hurt.

The hardest part is letting go of the guilt that starts to built up after a breakup, as we start to questions where things went wrong and go through the last conversation about a 100 times until life starts to feel real once again. All of this is much harder in our current culture since now we have something called social media which for those who are in relationships I’m sure also drives all of you a bit insane. Now days with Twitter and Facebook after a breakup you cannot help but stalk a bit and really get into what really happened or where think where things went wrong. But after all of this we are left to question ourselves on the type of person we would like to be. I strongly belief we change a bit after each relationship no matter how long or how deep it felt but its important not to change yourself too much but stay true to the person you love yourself for.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marc Jacobs Menswear Fall Campaign 2011

The Marc Jacobs ads are always quirky, I really don't know what is inside that man's mind but they do look super cool and break the mold of the almost perfect models gazing the magazine pages. This season 53 year old conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans becomes the face for the luxury brand's menswear line. The campaign was shot by Juergen Teller.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Prada: The Prada Girl

This might be late for a resort collections but Prada decided to present their collection later than the other designers. Usually I wouldn’t blog about resort this late in the game when most designers already showed their collections but the Prada collection brought something very interesting this season. You might recognize some of the clothes and the prints in this collection and that is because you have actually seen them already. The studded jackets and floral trousers are from the menswear collection Prada showed last month. Fashion have started to become more unisex than ever, the line continues to blur when it comes to femininity and masculinity  as now days designers are making clothes wearable for both genders. This resort collection evokes femininity without a doubt but the touches from the menswear collection give an edge to the clothes.

Even with the edge of the menswear the girls have a classic Prada girl feel with fitted dresses, pleated skirts and cute cashmere cardigans. The composition of black lace really made the collection stand out; the lace dress, skirt and top made the collection truly beautiful for any girl to wear. Aside from the clothes the accessories were amazing, Miuccia Prada continued with the classic Prada bag, but this season they have ostrich detail on the side giving more of a timeless feel. Prada continues to fascinate and now I wonder what will come from the Spring collections.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Prada

Birkin Love

The Hermès birkin bag has become a status symbol for any fashionista and fashion goer for the last couple of years, named after British actress Jane Birkin. I think every fashionable person wishes one day to own a Birkin bag, hey Victoria Beckham allegedly owns over a hundred of them. Personally I would like a 50cm black or brown for not only day use but it’s also large enough for travel. In the previous Hermès menswear show one look had the iconic bag as a travel size and fell madly in love. The 2 year plus wait for the bag may seem a bit nuts but hey not everyone can really have one on the spot, unless you’re a celebrity and your PR person might be able to get you one.

A Birkin can come in many hides from calf leather to saltwater crocodile which will obviously cost you a bit more where the prices range from $6,000 up to $150,000. What makes this bag so iconic is not the price and the inability of not everyone being able to own one but more of the classic design that comes from this bag. The price depends on the color, hardware and the skin of the bag so if you want crocodile this will cost you over $100,000. The bottom line is we all want a birkin an one day I will get mine.


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Givenchy: Couture Detail

The one couture show that seems to break out more than all of them has to be the work of Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. This season he continued to play with the idea of detail on the garments which made them one of a kind piece, taking 8 months to complete the garments. Couture is much different from the ready to wear (RTW) collection; they are not made for what’s on trend but more for the consumers who values timeless pieces of clothing. Givenchy is known for the exceptional detail and craftsmanship that goes into the clothes. Unlike other fashion houses Givenchy has stopped producing a large fashion show for couture and concentrated primarily on the clothing by doing a small presentation for editors and fashion insiders.

This is a small collection of ten looks, but very strong detailed ten looks. There is a sense of purity and lightness in the clothes, fundamentally from the white and sheer motif in the clothes. All of this seems completely different from the darkness and gothic style we are accustomed on seeing from Tisci, but this is a couture vision that speaks from his heart. It’s truly hard to believe all of this work has been done by hand, stitch by stitch and Tisci is one designer who creative mind will continue to fascinate every fashion lover.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Givenchy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Giambattista Valli: Couture Dream

Whoever said Couture was dead Giambattista Valli proved them wrong with his debut couture collection for Fall 2011. I’m always a big fan of the couture shows; maybe it’s the heritage that comes from Haute Couture as not every fashion houses are able to produce the great detail and design that comes from these shows. Only a handful of fashion houses are able to afford to do a couture line and to many surprise Valli decided to embark in this new venture.

This has been a dream from the Italian designer from a very young age and the collection was truly a dream come true. From his previous Fall collection which captivated many fashion goers eyes, and it became quite obvious where his love for couture comes from. The ball gowns and the aesthetic from Valli are very much from what we would see from a couture designer and this collection truly demonstrated his talent. Detailed jackets and dresses were some of the highlights of the show, with truly beautiful design and added detail to the collection. The use of feathers, floral prints and animal prints created a collection proven to be shown only in Paris couture. It was interesting the way he used the color red, it brought me back to previous Valentino collections of the iconic Valentino red dress but this comes from his admiration of his fellow Italian designer. This collection is way more than a great presentation of clothes and aesthetic, but a presentation of a designer’s dream coming true with couture.


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos,,