Monday, July 25, 2011

Prada: The Prada Girl

This might be late for a resort collections but Prada decided to present their collection later than the other designers. Usually I wouldn’t blog about resort this late in the game when most designers already showed their collections but the Prada collection brought something very interesting this season. You might recognize some of the clothes and the prints in this collection and that is because you have actually seen them already. The studded jackets and floral trousers are from the menswear collection Prada showed last month. Fashion have started to become more unisex than ever, the line continues to blur when it comes to femininity and masculinity  as now days designers are making clothes wearable for both genders. This resort collection evokes femininity without a doubt but the touches from the menswear collection give an edge to the clothes.

Even with the edge of the menswear the girls have a classic Prada girl feel with fitted dresses, pleated skirts and cute cashmere cardigans. The composition of black lace really made the collection stand out; the lace dress, skirt and top made the collection truly beautiful for any girl to wear. Aside from the clothes the accessories were amazing, Miuccia Prada continued with the classic Prada bag, but this season they have ostrich detail on the side giving more of a timeless feel. Prada continues to fascinate and now I wonder what will come from the Spring collections.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Prada

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