Monday, July 18, 2011

Giambattista Valli: Couture Dream

Whoever said Couture was dead Giambattista Valli proved them wrong with his debut couture collection for Fall 2011. I’m always a big fan of the couture shows; maybe it’s the heritage that comes from Haute Couture as not every fashion houses are able to produce the great detail and design that comes from these shows. Only a handful of fashion houses are able to afford to do a couture line and to many surprise Valli decided to embark in this new venture.

This has been a dream from the Italian designer from a very young age and the collection was truly a dream come true. From his previous Fall collection which captivated many fashion goers eyes, and it became quite obvious where his love for couture comes from. The ball gowns and the aesthetic from Valli are very much from what we would see from a couture designer and this collection truly demonstrated his talent. Detailed jackets and dresses were some of the highlights of the show, with truly beautiful design and added detail to the collection. The use of feathers, floral prints and animal prints created a collection proven to be shown only in Paris couture. It was interesting the way he used the color red, it brought me back to previous Valentino collections of the iconic Valentino red dress but this comes from his admiration of his fellow Italian designer. This collection is way more than a great presentation of clothes and aesthetic, but a presentation of a designer’s dream coming true with couture.


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos,,


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  2. He's my absolute favourite. What a darling of a designer. The thing though is that I have a problem telling the difference between his RTW and couture collections. There's almost no difference, ha.