Sunday, May 29, 2011

Givenchy: Dark and Twisty

The stage was set with beautiful purple orchids and a complete black backdrop, a perfect setting for the Fall/Winter 2011 Givenchy collection. Designer Riccado Tisci’s latest creation pays tribute to what he knows best, a way of making super sexualized clothes into chic wear all influenced by gothic art. I watched the show online a couple of hours after it walked in Paris, the collection started with a large panther roar that made sense after the first model walked down the runway as she wore a panther print skirt. There is very little to no femininity in his clothes but they still produce this manifestation of sexuality as it walks down the runway. With the interesting use of panther prints mixed in with purple orchids the designs were a continuation from the men’s RTW collection. The girls were primary dressed in all black with the exception to a couple finale looks that used floral prints and yellow loose fitting sweaters. Mostly all knee length dresses made out of leather or sheer see-through organza fabric; accessories were all influence by this panther that seems to be embodied within the clothes with cat eyed sunglasses and cat ear baseball caps.

At first take the collection seems one tone, most of it being all black but after taking some time to really digest the line I understood where Tisci was going with this collection. As former Paris Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld said in an interview, “Sometimes it takes a week to digest everything. I’m not very good just after a show. Sometimes you love it, but you don’t know why you love it. You have to digest, and after you have better answers.” and I can’t agree more with her. Every single season I begin to wonder what is going through this man’s mind as he creates an alternative reality with his clothes. From the ready-to-wear (RTW) women's and men’s collections to the Haute Couture line, his work is truly a work of art. This collection was complicated, it was captivating, and it’s what Persian fashion is all about and the reason why I heart Paris Fashion Week.


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