Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Will Michelle Obama Wear?

Earlier today I tweeted wondering who Michelle Obama’s new stylist might be, this all came about after reading one of my favorite blogs “The New York Times: The Cut” where they broke the news of what the first lady wore to the Buckingham Palace Banquet during the presidential visit in London. In the last year we have seen the first lady’s style progress and become more riske, which leads me to wonder who is styling Michelle Obama?

First was the famous Alexander McQueen red dress during the Chinese State Dinner, which in my opinion it got an unnecessary negative backlash and started the question if she changed stylist. The dress was flawless, a great representation of the first lady and her love for Persian fashion. Yes, this might have been a bit daring by not wearing an American designer but that’s old news. The dress she wore to the Buckingham Palace Banquet was another bold choice and one of my personal favorites. Disregard my mild obsession with Tom Ford, but this white gown was truly incredible. She is no longer wearing “Black House/ White Market” and switching to cooler, trendier and may I say fashion forward brands. Now we are on the edge of our seats waiting for what she might be wearing next, and I’m sure she will not disappoint.

Photo and New York Times: "The Cut"

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