Friday, June 3, 2011

Addicted Much?

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2009
This might be a bit long overdue of how I got into blogging but here we go, I have to think back where all of this started. At first I thought when did I start enjoying fashion as a whole but I have always been passionate about fashion. Maybe it was my upbringing in Miami Florida where all you see are labels and what people are wearing but that wasn't it. Yes I was interested in the clothes and I was the typical young person being a label whore but what got me into blogging about high fashion is something way beyond that.

I then thought of the first collection that brought me into the love and passion I have for high fashion. The collection that gave me chills and I wait every season to watch online and probably watch more than once. At first I thought Alexander McQueen Spring 2010, the designer’s last collection and yes that collection made a huge impact on my view towards fashion but that wasn’t it. It all started one season before that and it was Lanvin Fall/Winter 2009, I remember watching the show after rumors surface of Alber Elbaz would replace Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. I have to be honest, I had no idea what Lanvin was and I was pronouncing it all wrong for a good 2 months but man this collection gave me a whole new outlook in fashion. I was fascinated by each look as it walked down, the girls seemed so empowered something that you don’t normally see in the American shows.

Lanvin is the collection I look forward to each season. No matter what I’m doing I make sure I put it in my calendar and watch it after it walks. I even research the calendar of the Paris shows, which are my favorites if you can’t already tell and wait for them to be uploaded on So there you have it Lanvin started my mild obsession with fashion houses and now I blog about it. I eat and breathe thinking about fashion after that show, I even dream about shows sometimes. Well much love readers and keep on reading I really appreciate it!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lanvin


  1. I really appreciate your love for fashion. Admittedly, I enjoy "fashion" as well; but not in the way you do. You are a true scholar of the field and it shows in your blog posts. Everyone can say they like to shop, pick out outfits for themselves, and be creative through clothing (like I do) but you go one step further. I especially like your interest in international fashion. It really is an art!

  2. Well thank you blogalicious... Doing a blog is something I have thought of doing for such a long time and now I'm finally doing it. What are some of your favorite brands?