Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fashion Crime: Jorts!

There is a crime that most American males commit every minute or maybe every second in this country. I wish someone will just tell Americans we should no longer fabricate jean shorts or what some call jorts. I know this might sound a bit silly for me to be blogging about but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Every single day I see some man walking around wearing some shorts he probably got at Walmart and thinks he looks snazzy. This is probably because I live in Florida and people just seem to think it’s okay to walk around with jean shorts; come on people we don’t longer live in the 90’s. To be honest jorts would be a huge deal breaker but that’s just me and you guys might have boyfriends or friends that love their jean shorts.

In other words I’m taking this blog post to apologize for looking at those who wear them a little weird, I just can’t help it but wonder what made guys go out and buy them. But okay I’m not going to sit here and judge because I do have a pair of jorts myself but mine are kinda cool. I did them myself, well not completely because I can’t sew. I took an old pair of Hollister jeans that I no longer wore and decided to bleach them and then cut them. I have actually done this to a couple of my old worn out jeans and it turns out great! Gives your jeans a whole new life and it feels like you have a brand new pair. I took some pictures of my favorite pair so you guys can take a look. So if you guys decide to commit a fashion crime like this please be creative about it and wear them like a badass, and again I’m sorry for judging people who buy them.



  1. Yes I have jorts. I like them, and use them all the time. However, the walmart special was the Jeans... and after a while they get holes here and there and it's time to cut them off. I can never get the smooth clean line on your version. I think most of my jorts are all crazy crooked, I never seem to get the cut straight. I don't think that would make them fashionable, but I will admit my old worn-out jeans cut into jorts usually look like yours with different colors, random holes and such;-)

  2. Hahaha! This is too funny, I just saw a man committing this fashion crime today at the beach! Oh yeah, jorts on the beach and the best part was that he had a mullet to go along with it! I must admit though, these days the male jorts are an attention grabber. Well, atleast the walmart brand jorts, yours are nice lol.

  3. Jorts are the one thing only few can pull off, whether they are male or female. I wish you would have mentioned the amny women that wear jean shorts and think they are the bomb! I just don't know why it is that women with the nastiest thighs decide to squish them in jean shorts and walk around like they're bringing sexy back. Eww. I'm getting a visual just thinking about it. Nonetheless, I hate jean shorts on men and women, but do agree that if you're going to rock them you should rock them right. Also I wish all designers would stop manufacturing jean short shorts, if I wanted denim panties I would have requested some by now! (sorry that's a-whole-nother tangent)