Thursday, June 16, 2011

Givenchy: Smooth Transition

The resort collections tend to gear to a completely different spectrum from what the designers try to express on their previous Fall/Winter collections. Givenchy in the other hand took a different approach, creative director Ricardo Tisci decided on keeping his gothic inspiration but in a lighter note with resort. This feels more of a continuation of the previous collection but with less sex. The collection felt more at ease, more confident than the previous maybe a little less thought out but in a good way. Like many resort collections this is more of an extension of the designers mind, and we can tell Tisci was really influence by his previous work

We continue to see the sheer organza material but in a lighter note, for the exception of one look. We also no longer see a whole collection dedicated to one color but more dedicated to one idea; that’s where the orange and white prints come to play. We saw them in the previous collection but paired with an all black wardrobe, this time they are paired with white fabrics giving a completely different feel. I believe it gives it a more sporty allusion, but that might be coming from the Givenchy logo lanyards. Overall the collection was great; with printed suits, long skirts with cut outs in the middle, leather vests, and floral print button ups. But one thing Tisci didn’t forget to mention were those bags, wow talk about a cool bag.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Givenchy

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