Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Herrera: Uptown Chic

With the Resort collections coming out all at once is hard to keep up with all of them, but then collections like Carolina Herrera happen. They make you stop and look at the clothes; her latest collection could be my favorite collection so far in the resort season with so much sophistication that it’s way too hard to over look. The Venezuelan designer presented her collection in her studio with models wearing light makeup and hair styled up adding to the sophisticated motif. The girls were dressed with graphic skirts, dressed, trench coats and scarves. She also added polka dots to this collection but still maintained the uptown chic in the collection with button up shirts and evening gowns.

The highlights of this collection were not the accessories, but the apparel. Herrera knows who her clients are, the Upper East Side women who crave a sophisticated look which she delivers but still have fun with the clothes and that’s where the polka dots come in. The evening gowns were made out of a sheer fabric, polka dots and tulle, all very different but worked individually in the evening looks. This is the reason why Herrera is known for around the world, she delivers class and sophistication to women. This collection is truly one of the best collections so far and there are more to come.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera, style.com

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