Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Givenchy: Menswear Hummingbird

I’m well aware the Givenchy menswear show walked in Paris a couple of days ago, I watched it online but like every Givenchy collection I had to take some time to really digest the collection. At first glance it seems a bit kooky; not really understanding what Riccardo Tisci is trying to say with this collection. But after a couple of days of thinking and looking at individual pieces I see the wonders behind the collection. Tisci sees the light in the darkness we are accustomed to with the Givenchy shows by actually not having a drop of black (I know shocker!). This spring collection brings pieces we saw on the Resort womenswear a couple of weeks back, with the garden green color scheme and sporty appeal with the lanyards.

When you look at the collection at first you think, pleated skirts in menswear? I know that might sound a bit nuts and who would actually wear that. I know I don’t have the courage to wear them but the skirts are great pieces, funny enough seeing these macho muscular male models wear them. Maybe it’s an American thing that we are too scare to wear skirts, but hey Marc Jacobs wears them all the time. Back to the collection; what made it were the humming bird prints. Yea birds and floral patterns made the collection; it embodied almost every aspect of the clothes. This is the reason I had to take a couple of days to really grasp the collection, it seemed a bit overdone but then I noticed how beautiful these prints really are. The sequin sweaters, printed trousers, sleek white sandals and baseball caps grasped the collection, and let’s not forget the skirts. I’m still a bit hesitant on the skirts but no lie they do look pretty cool, not sure how they will be received in the American market but I’m sure true Givenchy lovers will go a nuts for them. Especially the humming bird printed ones.


Photo Credit: Filippo Fior,

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