Friday, June 10, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs: A Hipsters Dream

The latest Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is truly a dream come true for hipster girls. The label now being over a decade long has started to have a strong following among the younger crowd, a bit different from what the designer caters for in his namesake label. It’s really amazing how Marc Jacobs manages to produce so many collections each year but each of them having a distinct influence from each other. In my last post on the Marc Jacobs resort collection I mentioned a youth revolt with the clothes but in this collection there is no revolt, but an appreciation for an urban chic girl who rummages through thrift stores.

There is a something for everyone in the collection with jersey dresses, floral print jumpsuits and rompers, sequin tops and tailor shorts. The accessories were platform weaving cloth pumps, geek chic glasses, beach bags, and floral scarfs which matched the apparel. Color story played a major part in the collection with deep reds, neon yellows, black sequin and polka dots (another recurring motif among the resort collections). Jacobs delivers to his young fans with this collection giving them bold looks at assessable prices.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs and


  1. <3 <3 <3 Marc by Marc Jacobs. My really good friend, who is financially endowed, always gets a new bag when her and her family take their annual vacation to Vegas and I always get so jealous!

    Also, I wanted to comment on the success of your blog. I realize how many posts you have been doing and I'm really impressed that you find the time and effort to keep up with this; it shows that you are passionate. Just a great blog all around :)

  2. Haha thanks. I know it seems like a lot sometime and I still think I don't blog enough. Im constantly thinking of what to put next on the blog. If you have any ideas please share. Glad you like the blog