Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missoni: Olympic Games

Missoni is one of those brands that any man can wear at ease. It might be the family heritage of the fashion house that makes the clothes stand still in fashion. This season Angela Missoni was influenced by the Olympic Games that will be taking place next summer; the time the collection will hit stores. The wind breakers, low cut trousers, knee length short and athletic shoes gave the feeling of the Olympic Games. There was a lack of the traditional zig zags and swirls in the clothes that we are accustomed to but we did see them in the summer sandals and layered cardigans. One aspect missing from this collection were the accessories, there didn’t seem to be any aside from the shoes.

The models looked lean and athletic, more than the usual hunks that walk the menswear shows. They looked leaner, as what an Olympian should look like. The color combination transformed from navy blue blazers to neutral tones in the sweaters and trousers as the show progressed, giving a wide range of looks for any man to wear. I have always been a big fan of the Missoni fashion house, and now with the upcoming collaboration with American store Target I’m eager to see what they will deliver to the American public.


Photo Credit: Marcus Tondo,,

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